Audioblog on Entrepreneurship – Discussion between Gordon Chesterman, Director of Cambridge University Careers Service and Richard Lucas

(This interview was published on the Cambridge University Careers department web site in 2008  behind a password wall.. I’m re posting it here on Soundcloud

 Our Director, Gordon Chesterman met with Richard during a recent visit to Cambridge and asked him about entrepreneurship and starting your own business.

Part 1 covers introductions, why start you own business and any downsides. (8 minutes) Listen now 

Part 2 covers the skills and attributes needed to succeed, whether to seek other experience first, and the possibility of gaining experience in another SME. (12 minutes) Listen now 

Part 3 introduces speculative approaches to SMEs and advice before making the leap into your own business. (11 minutes) Listen now |

Richard Lucas read Economics at Cambridge, graduating from Pembroke in 1988. He worked for PA Cambridge Economic Consultants with Barry Moore 1989-91 before moving to Eastern Europe, where he has set up or invested in 10 start up businesses, 6 of which are active, currently employing about 400 people in Europe and the United States. Richard has been active in supporting enterprise education (particularly at school level) and gives talks at conferences from time to time about innovation, entrepreneurship and what it is like being in business.

Here is Richard’s Linkedin profile, with links to many of his business interests.


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