Why I haven’t accepted your Facebook friend request


I have had a policy of not accepting “friend requests” from people I work with for a while.. it is nothing personal.

I use FB to run global projects for volunteers like my Wojtek the Soldier Bear ( www.facebook.com/groups/wojtekthesoldierbear ) project and I always accept requests from people I can see are connected to this world..

It has the bizarre effect of me accepting people as friends I don’t know and not accepting/rejecting people I do know and like (if we work together) and people I know see me become “FB friends” with strangers when I am not accepting them.

On top of this, I have mild prosopagnosia which means I often fail to recognise people who I know and completely forget who people are quite often.

Sometimes I make an exception.. if we are working together on a project that uses FB as a tool….or there is some compelling reason to break the rule.

The “take-away”

If I don’t accept your friend request it doesn’t mean I don’t like you and if I have accepted a friend request doesn’t mean I that I know the person who I am “friends” with at all.




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business and social entrepreneur pl.linkedin.com/in/richardhlucas
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