Minimum viable blog post – Open Coffee Kraków 13th November 2014


It’s late and my working day is not over… normally I spend a bit of time putting together a nicely crafted post, highlights of Open Coffee Kraków today were both UMK (Town Council) and the Regional Government (Marshall’s Office). It’s important. Government officials showing up  – and seeing how much is being done without taxpayers’ money.

I figured it’s best to get something up than make it beautiful. If someone else wants to be the OCKRK record keeper, please let me know 🙂

20 projects, ideas going on… Thanks to  sponsors,  Google For Entrepreneurs for the space,  łukasz,  Marta and all the attendees. Apologies, for typos lack of links etc

IMG_7184 IMG_7185 IMG_7186

1 Pawel Wysocki We’re working on grammar course, that has recently been nominated to a British Council award:

2 Joanna Sawicka told us about her Change Leaders event

3 Joanna Formella is doing  Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Krakow

4 Global Entrepreneurship Week being promoted by the South Poland local government region STPwP.

Sonja Larson Fulbright Scholar at Fulbright Polska planning an international on line choir initiative… Check out this wonderful TED talk  to get a sense of the ambition. I told her that if she could pull it off she’d get the TEDxKazimierz stage.

6 Richard Lucas talked about TEDxKazimierz  and 7 It looks like we have former Kazimierz dweller and viral Youtube video rapper of the year  MC Silk as a star speaker/performer

Here’s an intro to TEDx

8  Marc McLaughlin  CEO –  talked about his Real Time Bidding platform that offering advanced RTB tactics  looking for developer and graphic artist

9 Łukasz Siatka organsing a Hacktory event

10 Karina Królikowska Marketing Event Coordinator w Buisness Link Kraków
AIESEC has new interns opportuinity just for startups and I wanted tell you about it.

11 Samuel Cook Digital Publishing company owner – looking for developers, designers, website testing expertise. Looking for people

12 Daniel Di Giusto Sales Director at Pixartist  Doing some sales consulting. Running start-up Helping companies to get EU grants.

13Pawel Szczurek Creating SLS 3D printer.

14 Konrad has a new concierge service

15 Pawel Majka from the city government told us they are here to help  Welcome back.

16 Stan showed us a very cool ad for Youtube Real World marketing interactions.

17 Kamil Łopata is running COLAB co working space and offers to host events

18 William Shaw  is offering therapy

19 Marta talked about how is doing cool stuff, and did not suffer the same outages yesterday as some major websites.

20 Richard talked about Business Speed Dating 


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One Response to Minimum viable blog post – Open Coffee Kraków 13th November 2014

  1. Morar Lucas says:

    Just before going to bed I send you lots of love and thanks for your Open Coffee email. it sound Ds to have been a great success, but you must be as tired as I am, soil sign off now. Xx mum

    Morar Lucas


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