The Last Post. This blog has migrated to, some final stats and reflections

I will never ever ever post to  (unless I change my mind), but before clicking submit for the final time, here are a few statistics, action items and reflections.

At  the beginning of 2015 I decided to migrate my blog to to which the help of Rafał – a recommended WordPress consultant.

I wondered about whether it might be disrespectful to use “The Last Post” as a title.  The Last Post is played at military funerals in many countries and cultures the world over, including my grandfather who died more than 30 years ago, and fought in both World Wars. It is important to know and acknowledge those who fought and died for freedom and democracy, especially now in 2015.  You can hear Reginald Portal describing his experiences in First World War at Gallipoli here  and also insights into his views on  Royal Navy education and social relations of 100 years ago.  If just one person reflects on the sacrifices and horrors of war as a result of this aside, it is worth it.

Back to the blog….. I will continue to post at on much the same themes. You can sign up by e-mail on the new blog here

Sign up so you never miss a post

Sign up so you never miss a post

I do not understand what has made some posts popular on this blog and others not. Here are a few statistics. I had on average about 500 views per post

Views and traffic

Views and traffic

By far and away the most popular post was  here on the old blog and on the new one as follows Letter to a New Business Partner  which was also published in Polish by Proseed Magazine here  I might believe that Proseed generated to traffic –  but as Proseed published many of my articles so I don’t think this can be the explanation.

Somewhat to my surprise the article I like the best, are not the most popular. The all time ranking is here

The all time most popular post

The all time most popular post

My own favourite articles are FAQ for Open Coffee Krakow and my article about community building at events here  which is important and many event organisers could benefit from reading.

My main reflection is that if you are sharing ideas, giving advice and responding to questions –  it is worth publishing them as a blog. It’s a good feeling that more than one person can benefit from what you think. The other is that I need to do a better job of keeping track of who is reading what I write. The e-mail sign up box on is a start, and it is connected to Google Analytics…. but for sure is not enough…   I hope that the new site will gives me a better insight into who reads my thoughts…  Time will tell. Hope to see you are,  where comments and feedback will be welcome.

Richard Lucas 28th February 2015


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